This is a quick procedure for using the HTML5 VPN Portal clipboard feature as it differs from the standard clipboard process.

Before proceeding,

It is presumed that you have successfully logged in and already have something copied to your clipboard on your local machine.


In this example, we will use the web address which we will copy to the address bar in Internet Explorer on the remote server.

1:  - hover your mouse towards the top of the screen, when you get the correct position the bar shown below will dropdown.

2: -Click on "Clipboard"

3: - Paste the content of your local machine clipboard into the text box by either using "right-click + paste" or "Ctrl+v".

4: - Click "Send to Server" - this loads the content of the text box into the servers clipboard.

5: - now on the remote server, you can use the clipboard as normal with either "right-click + paste" or "Ctrl+v".


  • You can send clipboard text back the other way by copying something to the clipboard on the remote server prior to step 2 then whatever is on the clipboard will show in the text box mentioned in step 3.
  • You can only copy plain text with this clipboard

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